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We want to help people to find the
support they need, in their local
community, so they can live life their
way. It’s as simple as that.

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Organise instantly.

Our people

Mark Jeffries

Managing Director

There has to be a better way. It’s the founding principle for Mark and the Mycare team. Mycare was born of a personal experience organising support and care for his elderly parents as they faced dementia, disability and frailty. His goal is to make the experience easier and smarter for others. Mark has spent the last 16 years founding, investing in and growing technology companies. Prior to that he specialised in corporate and technology law.

Rob Stewart

CTO & Founder

Rob is a technology specialist with a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions and services that customers love. As the architect of Mycare’s platform, he heads the highly-skilled tech team to provide an intuitive experience for everyone using Mycare. Rob previously worked at Intergen as Head of Cloud Solutions and led a number of projects including the Enterprise Content Management (SaaS).

Laurie Hilsgen

Founder & Executive Director

Laurie brings a lifetime of understanding to Mycare, and provides invaluable insight to how Mycare can better support New Zealanders caring for loved ones. Her own experiences of supporting family members motivated her to start Carers NZ, a national not for profit, in 1995.

Chris Mathews

Founder & Account Director

Chris manages Mycare’s relationships and accounts with government and NGOs. With a background in publishing and media, he founded Family Care magazine with Laurie. Chris’ wider commercial background ranges across NGOs and commercial businesses.

Diana Littlewood

Marketing Manager

Diana is the wordsmith of the Mycare team, helping to spread the news about the superb service that Mycare provides. With a background in marketing and sales for an in-home childcare agency, she knows that being a care and support worker is more than just a job; you become an integral part of a family and a community.

Amy Stone

Customer Experience Manager

Amy’s someone you put on your ‘go-to’ list. While honing her helping skills at two of Auckland’s DHBs, she saw too many people struggling to maintain independence at home due to a lack of choice and flexibility. Amy joined the Mycare team to provide invaluable support to our customers by phone and email. She also works closely with our IT gurus to ensure Mycare is easy for everyone to use.

Linda Lloyd

Customer Success Manager

Linda’s goal? To provide the best possible support to our customers and market partners. Chat to Linda, and you’ll feel yourself smile. She’s warm, caring and passionate. And she’s worked in the healthcare industry so she gets it. Linda will do her best to help you to unravel any questions you might have.

Angela Bilbee

Customer Success Representative

Angela is an Auckland native, and joined the Mycare team in September, 2016. She’s had years of customer service experience in the dental industry, and will support you every step of the way so you get the best out of Mycare. Outside of work, Angela loves to sing and is a member of the Greater Auckland Chorus.

Sean Lee

Customer Success Representative

With a passion for helping people and a keen interest in computer programming, Sean is the ideal support for our customers as they get their profiles set up on Mycare. Sean describes himself as a Ko-wi (Korean Kiwi) and as well as being a bit of a tech geek, he also gets a kick out of playing soccer.

Kirsty Job

Office Manager

For Kirsty, Mycare is all about the people. The people we support and the people we work with. Drawing from her wide experience as a mum, a commercial analyst and her volunteering at Lifeline, Kirsty makes sure business at Mycare is ship-shape.

Pubudu Gayan


Pubudu plays a key role in the development of Mycare’s platform and mobile app. He specialises in business logics and works closely with the front-end developers to build a user-friendly site. Pubudu’s IT career has taken him from Sri Lanka to Napier, and finally Auckland.

Kingsley Huang

Front-end Developer

Making the move from China to New Zealand in 2008, Kingsley is one of Mycare’s programming whizzes. He’s helping us to change the way people look for care and support workers through smart software design.

Gerardo Morales

Front-end Developer & UI/UX Designer

Gerardo is all about making it look good. His goal is to make Mycare’s website easy to use, no matter what device you’re using. Hailing from Chile, Gerardo brings a wealth of experience in design, coding and web development to the Mycare team.

Jay Chen

Mobile Developer

With so many people accessing Mycare on the go, Jay’s here to ensure our mobile app is intuitive and simple to use from any mobile device. After working in Tauranga as a developer, he made the move to Auckland to join the Mycare team.

External directors

Graham Clarke


Graham was the founder of Appserv, a company providing tailored IT solutions to businesses, and was CEO until 2016. Appserv was purchased by Spark in 2014. With plenty of hands-on experience in building a business that challenges the industry norms, he supports the Mycare team in its strategic growth and technology.

Mark Verbiest


Mark has been part of the Mycare team since its inception and plays a key role in shaping Mycare’s business strategy. Mark is currently Chairman of Spark and Willis Bond Capital, director at ANZ Bank NZ and Freightways, and on the advisory board to NZ Treasury. Mark has experienced first-hand the challenge of supporting family in their care needs and sees Mycare dramatically changing how and where people find at-home support.

Kevin McFall


Kevin was inspired to join Mycare’s directors when he saw that Mycare would disrupt the traditional at-home care model, by providing people with more choice, workers with better pay opportunities and the government with better value. Kevin’s also a director of Winnow Software, and has a proven track record of creating and delivering world class software products, particularly in the security industry.

Theresa Gattung


With a professional background spanning financial services, telecommunications and agriculture, Theresa joined the Mycare board in December 2016. She was Chief Executive and Managing Director of Telecom (now Spark) for 8 years and is a co-founder and board member of My Food Bag, one of New Zealand’s fastest growing start-ups. She is currently Chair of AIA Australia and the Wellington SPCA, and on the board of the National SPCA.

Industry partners

Mycare is committed to working with health care industry partners across New Zealand to ensure we can support as many New Zealanders as possible to find the right help at home.

Press room

Mycare is changing the way people find support in New Zealand. Not only are we helping people to find the support they need in their own community, we’ve also built tools to help them manage their ongoing care needs.

Mycare founders Mark Jeffries, Laurie Hilsgen, Rob Stewart and Chris Mathews first started working on the Mycare concept in September 2013. From there, the idea grew into New Zealand’s first online marketplace connecting people to a nationwide network of helping hands.

With thousands of people registered with Mycare, we are now New Zealand’s largest online community for home support services.

Mycare and Carers NZ joined forces with the Ministry of Health to provide free access to Mycare’s matching service for anyone receiving disability support funding
The Mycare platform was officially launched in December 2015 with the matching tool
By June 2016, Mycare had 30% of unique online home care job listings in New Zealand
Mycare became an affiliate member of the Home & Community Health Association in July 2016
New features released in October 2016 for Mycare users, including a payment platform and care diary, making the administration of managing care needs easier
Collaboration with IRD – Mycare helps self-employed workers to pay tax automatically to the IRD
Insurance for workers – all workers receive public liability and professional indemnity insurance through Vero Liability when they are paid through Mycare's payment platform Learn more

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